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(S 7020-R80B)





Lavender Gray
(SH S 2005-G50Y)
Soft purple with a hint of gray





Peace Green
(SH S 2005-G50Y)





Chocolate Red
(S 5540-Y90R)


Color Inspiration

View a refreshing interior with cool blue, vivid green,
and pink highlights mingled together in a perfect blend.

  • Clay Stone SH 4700-N (1004F)
  • Soft Feather SH S 1505-Y30R (0040A)
  • English Breakfast SH S 1515-Y60R (0075B)
  • Jungle SH S 7010-B70G (0156E)



  • Samhwa introduces all-natural lime paints that are also nonflammable Compliant with the standards for non-flammability and gas toxicity test results set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
  • Samhwa partners with LG Chem on chemical recyclables Samhwa Paints Industrial Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding with LG Chem, Ltd. on August 8th for the supply of "chemical recycling products."
  • Samhwa’s heat-insulating paints help fend off heat, humidity, and energy waste all at once Renewing our energy-saving effects, we emphasize our architectural Cool & Save with Heat-reflective properties, our Bio-Road Cool for floors and roads, and our flagship Heat-reflective paint, Speed Cool.
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