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(S 7020-R80B)





Lavender Gray
(SH S 2005-G50Y)
Soft purple with a hint of gray





Peace Green
(SH S 2005-G50Y)





Chocolate Red
(S 5540-Y90R)


Color Inspiration

View a refreshing interior with cool blue, vivid green,
and pink highlights mingled together in a perfect blend.

  • Clay Stone SH 4500-N (SH 2002D)
  • Soft Feather SH 1505-Y30R (SH 2050A)
  • English Breakfast SH 1515-Y60R (SH 2074B)
  • Jungle SH 7010-B70G (SH 2199D)



  • Samhwa obtains patent for its paint which prevents concrete neutralization The new paint is expected to strengthen the weather resistance, elasticity, and water repellency of concrete structures, helping owners reduce the cost of maintenance Samhwa Paints released the news on Wednesday, March 6, of its recent success in obtaining a patent for its concrete…
  • Samhwa to be featured at 2024 Seoul Living Design Fair Introducing a digital color book of 1,200 colors,along with braille cards for the visually impaired Samhwa Paints will be featured at the 2024 Seoul Living Design Fair at COEX from Wednesday, February 28, to Sunday, March 3, this year. The annual fair is the largest…
  • Samhwa introduces all-natural lime paints that are also nonflammable Compliant with the standards for non-flammability and gas toxicity test results set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
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